Hospitales Moviles

We are an American company based in Orlando, FL, USA with Factory, Assembly and Manufacturing facilities in Ankara, Turkey, with business and representations offices in Hungary, Rumania, Guatemala, Peru and Colombia.  
Since our inception in 1998 in Florida we have been serving the medical industry with equipment, systems and projects in various parts of the world. We partner with top of the line medical equipment manufacturing companies and suppliers and depending on the projects we are the prime contractor or subcontractor for international projects. has established a successful track record introducing “Sophisticated Engineering and Know How” to all projects. The company recruits top international specialists to work on the development of Field Hospitals, Prefabricated Hospitals, Clinics and Custom Made Projects.
We offer Fast Deployable Modular Solutions to suit client and project needs.  All our projects solutions are catered to suit private, military and government requirements.
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Lic. Axel Lopez
VP-Global Sales and Marketing

Mobile Hospital Solutions

Our mission is to help people get medical services fast, as in emergency cases like natural disasters, disease, and armed conflicts worldwide, applying sophisticated engineering to medical projects.

Hospitales Moviles Sophisticated Engineering and Technology Features

Tailor Made Design

Hospitales Moviles systems complies with freight standard to ensure transportation everywhere.

Short Delivery Time

Hospitales Moviles delivers systems in a very short period of time thanks to its dedicated team.


Hospitales Moviles offers best price options to meet all customer requirements

Short Deployment Time

Hospitales Moviles systems can be deployed much faster with relatively to units with same capabilities.

Easy Maintenance

Hospitales Moviles systems are designed to be maintained and checked with basic common tools

Robust Durable

Hospitales Moviles systems are manufactured to work in hard conditions for a long time.

Easy Reassemble

Hospitales Moviles systems can be transferred to other locations when needed.

Self Sufficient Systems

Hospitales Moviles systems complies with freight standard to ensure transportation everywhere.

Why Choose –

As our name implies, this is what we do best! Hospitales Moviles plans, designs and executes medical and related turnkey projects throughout the globe – our emphasis and objective are to provide Fast Deployable Modular Hospitals! These projects can be, Mobile Field Hospitals, Prefabricated, Modular Hospitals and Clinics.

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